The Effective Urban Educator: Reflective, Innovative and Committed to Diversity

Meet Bob Pettapiece, EdD

As of 6/16/2016 Dr. Bob has retired!

Dr. Bob
  • Social Studies Education
  • Computer Education
  • Middle Level Education
  • Specialty is moral support for novice teachers-

    • Those who can, do. Those who truly understand, teach.

    • A teacher deals with two large issues in the classroom, subject matter and students. Always keep in mind the most important one.

Dr. Bob Pettapiece

Bob grew up in Royal Oak Michigan where he went to Dondero High School. He then migrated to East Lansing for eight years of undergraduate work. In 1967, he moved to Detroit where he has lived and taught until today.

He has two Bachelor of Arts degrees from Michigan State University; one majoring in humanities and the second majoring in religion. His subsequent degrees in education; Master's, Specialist and EdD, were from Wayne State University where he majored in General Secondary Education and Social Studies Education for his doctorate.

Dr. Pettapiece taught in Detroit Public Schools for 29 years (1967-1996) and part time (1981-1996) in the College of Education for 15 years before becoming full time as a lecturer at Wayne State in 1996. His public school teaching experiences include social studies at the high school level, math in the middle and high school and computing to children from kindergarten through adult.

He was an assistant professor who taught elementary social studies education methods courses, social studies master's classes, Computer Applications in Teaching.  In addition to his teaching, he was also the coordinator for both middle level education and social studies education.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world- Ghandi