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    Your assignment is to design a five (5) page (minimum) site for a WebQuest for your (future) students to complete (details below).  The WebQuest is to be interesting and challenging to students, pedagogically solid and transformational.  The students should also be encouraged to present the results of their quest to their class in an interesting and very creative way.


    A WebQuest is a journey, usually done by a small group of students, to seek the answer to a comprehensive question (quest), or perhaps a series of related questions (quests).  For example one may ask, How can I eat better?  To find out the answer one may need to ask, What do I eat?  How many calories do I eat in a day?  How does it affect my body?  How can I make a healthy change in my diet and still enjoy my meals?  One may also simply ask, What was the cause of the Civil War?

    A WebQuest is not to review or learn a concept which is taught in a textbook such as The Water Cycle, it is  not to find and list the six causes of the Civil War,  not a retelling; it is to be much more, a transformational quest!

    To use a sports metaphor (groan); the teacher is the coach, the students are the players.  During a WebQuest the teacher can give advice (coach) as necessary, but the students need to make the plays, learn.

    For a good discussion of what a WebQuest is  see WebQuests: Definitions & Foundations from Bernie Dodge.


1.  Introduction- Get your students interested & include a rationale
Give your learners some idea about what they'll be doing and include some basic instructions. You might want to introduce the key points or contradictions to get them thinking and alert them as to what they'll be looking for when they do their research.   Since your WebQuest will be available for the whole world to see, you may want to mention the grade level.  Depending on the grade level, you might want to mention special resources that are needed to complete the activity. [Edited from Let's Spin a WebQuest]
2. Task(s)- In brief, the quest, they must accomplish or the problem/question they must answer

The task might be stated as question and should be crafted as carefully as a term paper thesis. Make sure the question can't be answered with simple factual information and has no one single answer everyone would agree upon.  [Edited from Let's Spin a WebQuest]

3. Process- Format for gathering & presenting their results (be creative, hands-on, active)
Give users a step-by-step process that they will use to accomplish their task. How do you want them to organize their information once they find it? Is there some way organize or evaluate their work?  Ultimately, you want students to evaluate and analyze the information they get from the Web in order to produce an end product that demonstrates they have processed and transformed their information.
What is the final (group) product?
Older students should document their sources using proper citations.
  [Edited from Let's Spin a WebQuest]

4. Resources- Minimum of five (5) resource sites &/or search engines (see above)

5. Evaluation- Guide to success and for credit

6. Conclusion- Wrap it up briefly & with gusto; usually with a reference to the Introduction
the QuestGarden template or any other which creates frames.
Do not use a Web page template without getting the OK from me.
A .com site or any other site to construct your WebQuest without getting permission from me.

Read an article from ISTE in Learning & Leading with Technology

Students working on their WebQuest

Review the structural model from Biopoems!

Working together on a WebQuest?

Other Examples-

Social Studies Master's Projects

Before you bring your WebQuest up to the instructor station at the front of the room to have it evaluated, try it on another computer by copying your WQ folder to the desktop & check out the links!

Putting this together can be fun?!?

Grading Guide-

Design a WebQuest which is pedagogically sound & interesting to students  +1-10 points

The WebQuest is grade appropriate and one can easily see the complete picture +5 points

Including at least 5 different graphics on 5 different pages +5 points

The above in a Web site (in one folder)  with no broken & easy to follow links +5 points

Put your WebQuest on the Web +5

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